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Get to Know Us

Everything You Should Know

At Royal Bee Apiary, we are dedicated to the health and happiness of our bees. We have carefully crafted a space for them with new fruit trees and flowers that provide them with a diverse range of pollen and nectar to feed on. We closely monitor their well-being, paying attention to their behavior and making adjustments to their environment as needed. With the help of our team of four Springer Spaniels and one Cavalier, we ensure that our bees are thriving and that they are protected from any potential threats. 


Our passion for nature and pollinators was instilled in us by my mother Maria, who has been an avid beekeeper in Argentina for many years. Her wisdom and knowledge have been invaluable in our pursuit of creating a nurturing environment for our bees. Our mission is to contribute to the environment and the livelihood of honey bees by providing them with a safe and healthy home to live in.

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